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Picture Resizing Empty Picture Resizing

Post by Barry Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:47 am

At least one member has had some difficulty lately with images apparently not auto resizing...

I have rechecked the board's settings and it is indeed set for a maximum of 800 px. wide X 600 px. high. In other words, you should see images displayed in the post up to this maximum. If a larger image is inserted the software is then supposed to automatically re-size (down size) images to this maximum. When that happens a text hyperlink appears above the image: Enlarge this image, and Reduce this image
when at maximum.

Where there can be a difficulty is if the image is being displayed on a smaller screen you will likely experience some truncation. If 800 x 600 is too large for members' normal monitor I can set it lower.

Keep in mind that the host providers also have a history of this function breaking from time to time (along with other problems) but I have checked a few postings and this function appears to be working correctly at present. As always, if you are having issues, let me know. Wink

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