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A real long shot but...

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A real long shot but... Empty A real long shot but...

Post by HadaWestoneOnce Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:13 pm

Ok. This post will likely never get answered, at least not in a way I'd like it to be, but I came across an old pic of a buddy in school playing on my, then, brand new spectrum sx. That guitar was the best guitar I'd ever had and I shelled out $400.00+tax for it which was a lot of dough for me at the time. The time of purchase was around august/september 1985. I had the guitar for approx. 2 years before leaving it with a friend in el cajon, ca before a flight home for a couple of weeks. When I returned, alas, the "friend" had moved out of his apartment with no forwarding address. This was some time in the fall of 1987. I haven't seen too many black spectrum sx's in the years following but of course none of them were mine. Seeing as this is a forum of westone guitar enthusiasts, I just thought I'd post this sad story up in the longest of long shots that somebody may have come across it after all these years. There is only one thing that could make it mine and that would be my name, and very stupidly my ssn...I wasn't thinking of things like identity theft back then, scratched into it. I really loved that guitar and don't think this will lead to anything positive and to that matter I would obviously pay for its return but it'd be so cool to be reunited with the guitar that really moved my chops and style forward. Thanks in advance to all who care to read and who knows, taking a stab here, you never know...

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A real long shot but... Empty Re: A real long shot but...

Post by corsair Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:58 am

Hi there, fella - sorry; I missed this one! There are 2 or three SX's on the 'bay atm and one of 'ems black, but as for finding "your" one, well, I suppose stranger things have happened, eh!!

Just keep a sharp lookout, bro - that's about all I can say!
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