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Anyone identifying this one?

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Anyone identifying this one? Empty Anyone identifying this one?

Post by Daddio Wed Aug 26, 2020 8:48 am

Hello forum members,

I recently got back to playing an old Westone strat which used to belong to my grand dad. He died in 2007 and had this guitar for I guess a decade. It was purchased second hand as far as I know. One of the tuners got broken (seemed very poor quality to me..) and years ago I put on a set of Gotoh's and at the same time I sanded down the whole neck to get rid of the original thick lacquer, also did that to the front side so there no logo anymore (what an a** I was) but the original was similar style to the attached pic of Concord headstock

Reading through the Westone story I just cannot make the timelines match, neither do I find any typical Westones being too much like a strat copy. I have seen the threads about lawsuits leading Japanese builders to change the headstock style etc. but I know this is an aged one so not the German thing. Moreover, nothing stamped in the neck plate, no serial numbers anywhere (did not remove the pickguard though), body is plywood and tremolo simply hideous but neck just briliant. If I neglect the electronics needing serious renovation (noises, loose components..), it is just a heck of a guitar to play, responsive, resonates and has perfect stratocaster sounds and cleans up dirt nicely when I roll back the volume! I just sold a Fender American Standard as it was awful by so many measures when these two were compared!

If anyone has any idea of the origins, much appreciated!

Thanks for any feedback!


The guitar:

Sample of the logo style:

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Anyone identifying this one? Empty Re: Anyone identifying this one?

Post by Westbone Wed Aug 26, 2020 5:07 pm

Just a Jap Strat copy. Back in the day.

Nothing special.

Enjoy it.... Sad....It's just a Strat copy

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