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Bendmaster FT to Floyd

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Bendmaster FT to Floyd Empty Bendmaster FT to Floyd

Post by Mr. Adaptiv Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:15 pm

So, I have this Spectrum DX that basically made me fall in love with tremolo (serial number checks as 1985, so it's the non "licensed" silver Bendmaster with the huge screwtop mounting posts). A while ago, I went hunting on here to see if I could replace the Bendmaster FT with a Floyd or Floyd substitute. Has to be a certain one, they say.  Possibly won't intone, they say.
So, I have this Kramer I was fixing to throw in as a live backup guitar. Standard 2 point trem. I ordered a chinese Floyd copy off of Ebay, and hoped it would come in time for a show I had coming up. Floyd copy gets "lost in mail", I get a replacement, go through the horrible horrible install on the Kramer and call it a day.
A week later, the lost Chinese Floyd copy shows up. Company tells me to keep it. I figure I've got spare parts for what will inevitably fail some day real soon. One night, I smoke a few too many spliffs and I'm giving my DX it's weekly string change. For poop and giggles, I pull off the Bendmaster and see if the mystery Floyd from abroad fits.
It fits. The block is short, so I route out a bit of the spring cavity. After a regular "flush floyd" setup, it intones and keeps rock solid tune.
So what the F? Am I just a lucky Dr. Frankenstein?
At any rate....since this fit this thing, I'd like to put a real Floyd with a fat block in it. Even though this bridge _fits_, I'd like a good one that I don't have to continue reviving, because I already know what kind of trouble I'm in for with this mystery metal. Since this surprise Chinese lumpus fits, what real Floyd would go on here?
Mr. Adaptiv
Mr. Adaptiv
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Bendmaster FT to Floyd Empty Re: Bendmaster FT to Floyd

Post by Westbone Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:08 am

Put a cheap Chinese Floyd on a lefty Spectrum that was lying around bridgless. And yes they do fit but like you say the block is a bit short, no problem though, a hammer and chisel... Cool

BUT YOU HAVE TO SWAP out the original bridge posts to the smaller Chinese ones otherwise it won't intonate. They screw straight in the original threaded inserts.

Have a look here, link, Floyd

Here it is.
Bendmaster FT to Floyd Dscf8810
Bendmaster FT to Floyd Dscf8812
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