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History of Matsumoku -an eBook Download

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History of Matsumoku -an eBook Download Empty History of Matsumoku -an eBook Download

Post by Barry Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:55 pm

Some members may recall our introduction of the forum member TAD39 who has regularly contributed information there about his city of Matsumoto, Japan as well as historical pictures and information concerning our beloved uncle Mats. I posted his earlier information on our website in 2016 (see our original post for details)

Now, TAD has returned to the Guitar Gallery Forums with the exciting news that he's completed a lengthy historical account of the History of Matsumoku, and posted it to his website, complete with interviews with Toshi Yamato, Nobuaki Hayashi (“H. Noble”) and lots of pictures.

It's in Japanese of course and requires the services of the Google translator. I have taken the liberty of reformatting his web article into an English downloadable eBook for more convenience.

You can take it with you on your mobile or have a copy on your computer for quick reference. This English version has been gently edited, mainly for formatting, but remains faithful to the original Google translation which can be a bit awkward at times, but fascinating nonetheless.

I hope you find it useful.

For more information, the download link, and to obtain the eBook reader, please go to our web site:

To read TAD's original post please go here:
TAD's original post

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History of Matsumoku -an eBook Download Guitar10
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History of Matsumoku -an eBook Download Empty Re: History of Matsumoku -an eBook Download

Post by corsair Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:23 am

Nice one, Barry!

Thanks to TAD and you!
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