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Yamaha Pacifica 412(Not Recent 412's)

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Yamaha Pacifica 412(Not Recent 412's) Empty Yamaha Pacifica 412(Not Recent 412's)

Post by dtempty Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:45 pm


I am here again with another guitar question.I hope two topics in two days doesn't make any problem Very Happy

Here is the link of listing:

The guy says that it was made in Japan or Korea.But there is no information about it and i couldn't find any Yamaha logo like this.
Serial number of this guitar is NI19379 and it is a special made guitar for German blues guitarist Dennis Hormes according to his words .There is no information about single pickups.Bridge pickup is Duncan design hb103b .Price is around 200$.

Any help will be appreciated

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