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Yamaha: Feelin the Love

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Yamaha: Feelin the Love Empty Yamaha: Feelin the Love

Post by Brainfertilizer Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:31 pm

I don't know what got me started on Yamaha.

I guess I stumbled across 1 or 2 cheap on eBay. And then stumbled on another cheap one in a Pawn Shop, and although I sold the first two to fund Hamer/Westone purchase (since they are more collectible and cool), they left an impression of having really good pickups and good action.

But I still can't remember how I made the leap to setting up an eBay search.

But based on a few fortuitous "BIN"s and some auctions that no one else drove up too high, I ended up with a Yamaha RGX 1212, a Yamaha PAC 1221, and an RGX 621. They all sound really, really, really good. The RBX 1212 is a neck-through, 24-fret, ebony fretboard rock monster. It can challenge the top Jackson Soloists, but I got it for less than $500 shipped. It sounds and plays as good as my X390s, for half the cost. The PAC 1221 has a wizard thin-neck and amazingly low action with no buzzes, sound great, but is a bolt-on...still, just $380. The RGX 621 was under $200 shipped, but compares very favorably to my X300s in feel, tone, playability, and is better in trem stability.

I just picked up a PAC 812S, still waiting on the neck (should be in tomorrow). Professional instrument, less than $225 total, shipped.

2 weeks ago I got a Yamaha RGX 421 baritone guitar. Powerful, powerful sound, amazing low action, the sucker just burns. Needs re-wiring, but playable as is and I feel like if it were ANY other brand, it would go for $400 or more, instead of the under $200 I got it for.

So I'm loving Yamaha these days. Go to Youtube and check out some of the Pacificas, like the PAC 621, the PAC 821, and the PAC 611 HFM. They have some of the best strat tones out there, and they are usually tricked out with features you'd expect on a $1000, but cheaper than used MIM strats.

So that's why I'm selling off a bunch of my Westone Super Strats. I'm not abandoning Westone, as I still have 4 Panteras, a newly arrived Spectrum LX, and my 3 Challengers that I will never part with, but these Yamahas kick serious ass...not worth holding on to otherwise decent Westone Superstrats that won't get any playing time, like the Dimension and the Villain.

Anyone else love Yamahas as much as I do?
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Yamaha: Feelin the Love Empty Re: Yamaha: Feelin the Love

Post by Westbone Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:22 pm

Making good stuff for years.
Had one since the mid 70's
FG 120 acoustic, also 2 FG 75's.
And this
Yamaha: Feelin the Love DSCF5291
With Gibson p90's, although the mini h/buckers are no slouch neither, just fancied a change.
Yamaha: Feelin the Love DSCF5298

Yamaha: Feelin the Love DSCF5300
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Yamaha: Feelin the Love Empty Re: Yamaha: Feelin the Love

Post by Guest Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:26 pm

That's a purty guitar and gotta sound really nice witht the P90's

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Yamaha: Feelin the Love Empty Re: Yamaha: Feelin the Love

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