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Westone Corsair (1420)

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westone - Westone Corsair (1420) Empty Westone Corsair (1420)

Post by Ccthompson133 Thu Feb 03, 2022 6:24 am

Hello wonderful people, I’m looking to buy a Westone Corsair after learning my favorite guitarist (Isaac Brock) used one. The tone is so unique. 

I’m looking to spend about $250-300 max so I understand if perfect ones are out of my budget!

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westone - Westone Corsair (1420) Empty Re: Westone Corsair (1420)

Post by CAMartin Sun Feb 13, 2022 12:55 pm

Maybe I can help.

I got this Corsair GT (?) months back, and I love how it plays, but it has a couple of small issues that keep it from actually getting real use from me:

1.  The low E/A string lock clamp needs a longer bolt, and I can't find one the "exact" length, so I got a bolt that's a bit too long and use a couple of tiny washers.

2.  The humbucker seems weak when switched fully on.  With just a single coil on, it's prominent (if a bit noisy), but with the "humbucker" switched on...quiet, but not a lot of output.

The guitar is too close to original to modify, which would be my normal approach.  I'm trying to NOT build yet another "frankenstrat", so I'm likely going to just find her a new home.

I was looking for $400, but I'd take $300 plus shipping.  Oh, and I found a working bar for the trem, which was a minor victory all on its own...!

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