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Old Westone Banjo, any model idea ?

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Old Westone Banjo, any model idea ? Empty Old Westone Banjo, any model idea ?

Post by jeanjean Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:30 pm

Hi there, 1st of all, sorry if my English is not perfect , I'm French Smile

My father gave me a banjo that I know was since I'm young on the house (I'm 40)
I've start to play folk guitar since 2 month and I'm progressing, therefore, he dicide taht this Banjo will sleep better on my house than taking space on his one.
I need you to help me to find the modell please or any help Smile
See picture 5 below, I can't find any partnumber except (Made in G.D.R) means Germany but it is not possible that it was build after 2010 as I've read it, for sure this Banjo is older than me ^^
On Picture 6 there is as well a little 69 marked with a pencil on the white seal under the drum 

- Any help could help me to find the model and year Smile 
- What should I buy for strings for that ? 

Many many thanks to all reply  cheers

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Old Westone Banjo, any model idea ? Empty Re: Old Westone Banjo, any model idea ?

Post by corsair Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:27 pm

GDR is the old East Germany, yes? And I'm afraid we know next to nothing about anything made there. 
There was - or is still - a line of Westone guitars marketed in Germany probably made in China and of a vastly inferior quality to the Japanese made instrument.
Westone under Matsumoku made acoustic guitars so it's not impossible that they made banjos; prior to Matsumoku, Westones of a kind were made in Italy...
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