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Bendmaster Bridge Safety/Whammy Bar

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Bendmaster Bridge Safety/Whammy Bar Empty Bendmaster Bridge Safety/Whammy Bar

Post by alostforgottensadspirit Sun Nov 19, 2023 12:19 am

I tried doing research on my bridge, I have a Bendmaster Deluxe bridge on my Westone Genesis I, and of the limited posts one user on reddit said that they are notorious for breaking.

I was impressed with how clean the whammy bar worked and how much it could dive/pull upwards and I was wondering if I'm at risk of breaking the bridge or something else on my vintage guitar if I keep using it.

Are bendmasters actually notorious for breaking or is this a troll?

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Bendmaster Bridge Safety/Whammy Bar Empty Re: Bendmaster Bridge Safety/Whammy Bar

Post by Barry Sun Nov 19, 2023 1:10 pm

To my knowledge Bendmaster bridges are no more susceptible to "breaking" (whatever that  means) than any other.

I have a quite few Westones most with with Bendmasters, and some were "rescue" guitars in pretty bad shape when I got them, but I've not experienced any difficulty with any of the tremolo bridges.

Assuming they are set up correctly, and tensioned correctly, and maintained correctly, they should not present problems.

However, no equipment will stand up to abuse. So if you regularly go "medieval" on it then all bets are off. Tremolos are a piece of effects hardware, not a slingshot eh?

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