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Westone Clipper – dating and technical specs?

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westone - Westone Clipper – dating and technical specs? Empty Westone Clipper – dating and technical specs?

Post by psafloyd Thu Sep 14, 2023 12:57 pm

I've picked up a Clipper and though I'm looking for locking trem system parts, I'm also interested in the following:

1) Is it possible to date Clippers as I don't see any numbers/dates/etc?

2) It is HSS with three micro switches. Clearly, the single coils are simply on/off. Am I right in thinking the humbucker is HB/single with off in the middle?

3) Are there any paint charts around? This thing is a fairly lurid green and I'd like to try and find out what colour it is.

4) Any other technical pointers would be useful so I can work things out by process of elimination, if nothing else?

Many thanks.
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