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Help with info about Trevor Rabin's Pantera

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Pantera - Help with info about Trevor Rabin's Pantera Empty Help with info about Trevor Rabin's Pantera

Post by juanivazquez Tue Aug 22, 2023 6:46 am

Hi fellows, I'm Juani from Argentina. I work as a live-studio musician and my life changed the day I discovered Trevor Rabin. I remember it was very late in the night and I was at my friend's house listening to music and he was searching through a yes DVD and suddenly I caught a little bit of ''I've seen all good people'' but there was this strange guitar player instead of Steve Howe and I said HEY WHO IS THAT????'' and that was it. Since then I tried to achieve some of Rabin's sound and I don't mean just to copy him... but there's something about his tone that touches my heart... like when you play a string and it activates some harmonics in a different string... something like that happens to me and in particular the sound of the Westone Pantera he uses is just... so marvelous it makes me wanna live. 
  Anyway, my absolute dream is to finally achieve that sound and I realize how iessential the Pantera is... however I haven't found any yet and I'm also a LEFTY (what a bad choice!) so I don't know really what to do. 
    -One option would be to buy a regular Pantera (for this I would have to be in the U.S. touring which I normally do every year and I would also have to be with the money available at the right time) and then somehow adapt it for left hand. I know this would be very hard and it would probably have a bad result.

    -The other option would be to build one... Ideally from the original maker, Tom Presley as I understand? Do you guys know if he is still making guitars or there's a way I could contact him?

    -The 3rd option would be to find any Westone that could be similar to the Pantera and find a set of Pantera's pickups (these should be OFC right?) and try to get close to the sound.

    I come to you to ask for your help in these subject as I can see you all love the westone guitars and you have much more time than me researching about them. Do you have any ideas or any tip? I'd really appreciate anything you can tell me. At last I have a couple more questions:

  -Who made the OFC pickups? is it possible to buy them somewhere? Do any of you have some I could buy? Is someone recreating these pickups today? or a similar model? 
  - What is the price a Westone Pantera these days??

                                                                                      Thank you!
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Pantera - Help with info about Trevor Rabin's Pantera Empty Re: Help with info about Trevor Rabin's Pantera

Post by Barry Tue Aug 22, 2023 2:54 pm

¡Hola! Juan and welcome.

I don't have a Pantera or the Rabin signature version but there are members here who do. I trust that they will drop soon by and be able to answer most of your questions.

I feel sorry for lefty players, particularly when they desire a niche guitar brand. pale

Westone did produce some left handed models but I do not have any statistics on which ones or how many, but I'm sure the more expensive the model the fewer you're likely to find.

If you do find a Pantera, modding it to play left should be a matter of swapping the bridge saddles around and cutting a new nut.

Actually playing it of course is another matter! Aside from the controls and trem bar being upside down, the body contours would not be correct and I would imagine it would not be comfortable at all. No no no

Meanwhile, have look at our website for some more information on both the Pantera models and the Signature Rabin's: LINK

Perhaps it will help answer a few of your questions.

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