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Westone Spectrum DX for sale in UK

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For Sale Westone Spectrum DX for sale in UK

Post by Fredster42 Thu Feb 23, 2023 7:26 am

Hi there

I posted a few weeks back as I had found my brother in laws old Spectrum in the loft after 30 years. 

After thinking about it for a while, we've decided to sell it. I have so many guitars at the moment in various states, realistically its just going to sit in a case in the corner, we'd rather it goes to someone who appreciates them like you people here!

So its a 80s Spectrum,picture below. Condition is not bad for the age, I've cleaned it all up nicely, but the body has various dings and scratches, and paint touch ups. As far as we know everything is original my brother in law owned from new. All the tremolo, nut, bridge are intact. The electrics are original, The pickups, switch and tone pot all work correctly, but I believe the pickups are the UBC ones as pointed out by Barry. I showed it to my local guitar tech and he said the neck looks nice and straight, there is some fret wear but still plenty left. Serial number 609078

I've left the strings off,  I was about to restring it and can put the set in but figured somebody would probably want their own gauge. Also Im not sure exactly how to set up the trem up so Im sure whoever gets it will want to set it up to their own preferences

I was looking for £150 seems a fair price based on recent ebay deals, plus postage. Im in Cheltenham in UK so can only really ship to UK otherwise. I might be able to deliver if you are near to Cheltenham

Message me if you are interested I can answer any questions, send more pics or do a video call


Westone Spectrum DX for sale in UK Img_2014
Westone Spectrum DX for sale in UK Img_2015
Westone Spectrum DX for sale in UK Img_2016
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