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Can't find it, build it!

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Can't find it, build it! Empty Can't find it, build it!

Post by The Guitar Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:13 am

Can't find it, build it! Img_2018
My wife's cousin asked me about a project guitar I had shown him months back and I told him I needed to get a hold of a drill press for the FR posts. He said his job has one and also a CNC, if I ever wanted to use one to make a guitar. So I am taking him up on the offer. Ordered a 2 piece Alder blank and an unfinished premade neck. I decided to make it a 7 string Westone based off my first guitar, which I'm sure was a Dimension. I had got it since it looked like an ESP M-II and I was heavy into Metallica at the time. I know it had the him/single configuration with a selector switch and 2 mini toggles. The neck itself is pretty good, has good frets and the dots look good, no gap or raising. I snagged the alder blank from Exotic Woods and you get a choice of a free fingerboard and I went with purple heart. I'll start with finishing the neck first then move on to the body. Since I have that Spectrum I/IA, I got the body and headstock I can make templates from, so that's a plus. I am curious if the font(s) for the Westone logo is out there or if I need to snap a pic of mine and run it through Photoshop. Progress pics will pop up as I go along.
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Can't find it, build it! Empty Re: Can't find it, build it!

Post by Barry Fri Sep 16, 2022 11:05 am

IIRC no one here has ever built a 7-stringer Westie (One member did make a 12 string).
This will be an interesting project to follow, good on ya for attempting it! Hairy & Wooly

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