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Spectrum LX Tuner & Locking Nut pieces

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Spectrum LX Tuner & Locking Nut pieces Empty Spectrum LX Tuner & Locking Nut pieces

Post by Old_Stone_Andy Sat May 14, 2022 3:59 pm

Hello fellow Westoners!

I'm just getting done rebuilding my 1984 Spectrum LX and ran into a couple snags.. The 3 top locking nut pieces and screws are long gone, and 1 of the original tuners has a ferrule broken off inside the housing. I have the underside pieces of the locking nut, just don't have them in right now.. Was going to use them as a template if I had to craft them... And I have an aftermarket set of tuners on it as well... Keys are way bigger than the stone's, so would like to find that 1 original to make it stock...

Spectrum LX Tuner & Locking Nut pieces Img-2511

If anybody has any leads I would sure appreciate it!!

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