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Westone Concord 2T

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Westone Concord 2T Empty Westone Concord 2T

Post by NorthWestone Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:28 pm

New member here, first post, greetings all.

I just bought my first Westone guitar today. I assume it is a Westone Concord 2T.

This is it:

Westone Concord 2T Weston10

It has a cracked pickguard and a few scratches on it, but is a beautiful guitar. A softer shape than most Concords. Was this the only one with the softer, less agressive shape? Did it only come in red? And if anyone has a white pickguard for these for a reasonable price, I am interested.

Accordng to one source it also has different pickups than the standard Concord 2 and the Concord 3, but who knows? If anyone has any more info on the Concord 2T it is much appreciated.

Here is the brown case that came with it:

Westone Concord 2T Weston11

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Westone Concord 2T Empty Re: Westone Concord 2T

Post by Westbone Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:31 pm

SF350 pickups and Super I's are the same thing just a different catalogue name.

Yours looks like an '83 model. Should have a serial number on rear of headstock.
Came in red, black,white

Don't think you'll find a pickguard, have to either make one or have one made.

Have a look through the website link at top of page.
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Westone Concord 2T Empty Re: Westone Concord 2T

Post by Barry Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:36 pm

NorthWestone wrote:...I just bought my first Westone guitar today...
Betcha it won't be the last one!
Welcome to the nut house.

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Westone Concord 2T Empty Re: Westone Concord 2T

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