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Update For Acoustic Model F-13

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Update For Acoustic Model F-13  Empty Update For Acoustic Model F-13

Post by Barry Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:47 am

I just found an old folder on my laptop (2011 !!) which contained specifications, info, and a pile of pictures of a 1974 Model F-13 acoustic taken from an eBay listing for a seller in Japan. I had saved it for a rainy day, I guess, with the intention of posting it up, but then I tucked it away and it was forgotten.

I have now updated the entry LINK

As an aside, the seller made a comment about a connection between Matsumoku and Greco which I found interesting:
Matsumoku: The Company made vintage Greco Electric Guitars for Kanda Shokai, MIJ Epiphone Guitars and Aria Pro II Guitars. If you are a Greco Fun (sic) this should be a nice one to your collection from Greco Kanda Shokai which sold this Weston (sic)

Two other interesting things came from the description.

  1. The serial number was 1974011 which he interpreted as a 1974 build. Sounds like it might be correct, and if so, we have a variation on the Westone 7-digit serial numbering system. Post-1980 the first number=year, pre-1980 (70's) the first 4 numbers=year.

    Discussion and consensus requested on this.

  2. The wood used on the body and sides is identified as Nyatoh a new one on me. It appears to be a tight grained wood somewhere between a Mahogany and a Rosewood. DETAILS HERE

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Update For Acoustic Model F-13  Empty Re: Update For Acoustic Model F-13

Post by corsair Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:23 pm

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