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Trevor Rabin's Washburn

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Trevor Rabin's Washburn Empty Trevor Rabin's Washburn

Post by The Chad Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:01 am

He has a signature Washburn Parallaxe nowadays.  Very nice guitars.   And his chops are just improving all the time. 

Click HERE to hear him shred on it.  

Here it is...

Clicketh thou HERE.

Very nice.  I think that the new Electra guitars should present their new Talon to him.  

And here's his video with it...

"I did a video for the release of my Washburn signature model.
Playing the guitar parts on the Washburn. (which I love)
I didn't like the video, so we didn't release it, but thought i'd share it with you. I will follow up with a full version of the song which I just finished as I sit with my old friend and partner Paul Linford as we finish mixing the 1st episode of 12 Monkeys.
The song I chose is Georgia which I have always loved.
Hope you enjoy"

Again with the CLICKY.
The Chad
The Chad
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Trevor Rabin's Washburn Empty Re: Trevor Rabin's Washburn

Post by Barry Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:18 pm

Bloody showoff! Trevor Rabin's Washburn Toothless_smile
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