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Spectrum Lx for sale

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sale - Spectrum Lx for sale Empty Spectrum Lx for sale

Post by jkjohnson78 Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:36 pm

I'm putting up for sale my spectrum lx. 
It's in fantastic condition with both necks and the original case. 
It only has minor scratches on the body 
The fretted neck has a small ding along the bottom edge of the fret board (not noticeable)
The fretless has light grooves where someone had used round wound strings (amateur). 
I've had the electrics looked over with no dramas at all. 
Had it setup, plays like a dream, can swop the necks over easily and tune it up and your away. 
Rare as hens teeth. 
Looking for around $1500 (make an offer)
I'm in Australia, it's not on eBay yet but might be soon. 
Can send photos if keen. 
Cheers jake

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