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Bass players......what amp rig?

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Bass players......what amp rig? Empty Bass players......what amp rig?

Post by contrahell Mon Jan 27, 2014 7:57 pm

Just wanted to see if anyone out there is into building their own bastige bass amp rigs. I'm currently in the process of finalizing my latest frankenbuild and am curious to see if anyone does the same.

My current rig consists of 2 Peavey VTX MX guitar amps that I'm using for just the tube output (gotta love Peavey for the simple fact of pre in, power amp out connections). These are pre'd with 2 Electro Harmonix English Muffins. Via aby pedals, I split these into 3 outs, 2 feeding the MX's, the other feeding the in to a Kustom DE50.

I know......before you carp on the Kustom, you should check one out! My very first rig was an old '70's Kustom 200 with a 2x15 cab in the naugahyde tuck and roll.....I called it the 'mudmaker' as it gave you varying degrees of mud for tone. The little hybrid DE50 blew me away as far as tone and volume. As an aside, I've probably owned every noteworthy bass rig from the last 40 years, including an Ampeg SVT (circa 1970) which included not only the 8x10 svt cab, but a V4B bin that would blow you away. Unfortunately, it would also blow your back away! LOLZ

Being an old guy in search of THE sound, within portability limits, my current rig fits the bill to a T. More musical than the SVT ever thought about, and portable as hell, I love this thing. I've removed the 12" speakers from the combo cabs, cut the cabs down to fit just the chassis (they look factory made) , and recycled the BW's into an old straight front Peavey 4x12 cabinet. Next step is to cut that cab down to 2x12.

The three outputs feed #1: Peavey Mx Vtx to the 2x12 BW cab. #2 feeds another Vtx to an old Fender bass bin w/ a 15" BW.  3rd out feed into the about a knockout rig, I find myself playing more just because the damn thing sounds so awesome!

Just thought I'd throw this out to see if anyone was into building their own awesome sounding bass rigs. And I've only got about $1200 usd into the whole thing, and it blows away all the sterile high dollar rigs I've checked out.

This is just my .$.02 and ymmv..............let me here ya, bro's!
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Bass players......what amp rig? Empty Re: Bass players......what amp rig?

Post by grogg Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:32 pm

For bass Im not particularly bothered about valve sound and tbh don't feel the need to use effects. For gigs use an EBS combo that I think is a wonderful amp, great compression, its then fed into mixing desk so its front of house.
Practise is a different affair with a variety of valves, currently using an Orange micro terror fed into a bastardised Vox AC30 which is just used as a speaker cabinet - the Celestions are really good, unfortunately my solid state AC30 amp is rubbish. Also sometimes use a full on valve amp I imported from China on Racing's recommendation, its very good and based on a Peavey design - wheres Racing gone anyway?
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Bass players......what amp rig? Empty Re: Bass players......what amp rig?

Post by Barry Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:43 pm

grogg wrote:...wheres Racing gone anyway?
He's alive and well and wearing his "Mad Scientist" coat over at the Forums.

He continues to torment old, orphaned and unloved amplifiers as he strips and redresses them, and gives detailed accounts of his sordid demonic way with 'em!   What a Face

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Bass players......what amp rig? Guitar10
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Bass players......what amp rig? Empty Re: Bass players......what amp rig?

Post by mortarman120gang11c Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:44 pm

I user and prefer my original 1972 Traynor YBA 1 with 2 15 cabinet
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Bass players......what amp rig? Empty Re: Bass players......what amp rig?

Post by corsair Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:04 pm

I used an Australian built ELFA 100 s/s combo; light as all hell with an enormous speaker; lovely deep rumble!

Sits in a shed now with the rest of my kit....
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Bass players......what amp rig? Empty Re: Bass players......what amp rig?

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