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Info on a westone Thunder fretless

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Info on a westone Thunder fretless Empty Info on a westone Thunder fretless

Post by Rusty Strings Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:35 am

Hello fellow Westone ians
I just bought a Westone Thunder ( no number on the plate over the neck tensioner )Fretless Bass
the Back plate reads Matsumohu 2010691 made in Japan

The clown that had it before me used round wound strings, leaving me a groved fretboard.

True up the fretboard and a set of Thomastick stings will liven it up

What would be the radius of the Fretboard?
It is setup as a P-bass and I want to replace the pickups, maybe add the j pickup?
Thanks Gang
Rusty Strings
Rusty Strings

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Info on a westone Thunder fretless Empty Re: Info on a westone Thunder fretless

Post by Guest Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:31 am

Hello Rusty and Welcome, Smile

If you've been lurking about these parts for a while, you will already be aware that it is mandatory to post pictures of your guitar in the Members Westones forum. If not, then please do so!

Have you checked
this out? There isn't any info in the models lists for the fretboard radius but there might be some info in the catalogues, if not, I'm sure somebody here will be able to tell you. Smile

:flower: :queen:

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