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vantage VA 900

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vantage - vantage VA 900 Empty vantage VA 900

Post by johnro Tue May 10, 2011 9:23 am

Hi Everyone

I am new to this site and have seen links to this for matsumoko and Vantage guitars which all seem to have common origins.
I have an exceptional va 900 and wonder how to date this an also any schematics as my led is on all the time when jack plug is in and reading specs it should be the other way round.
serial number begins with 00 and has six digits in total.
I have had this guitar for 30 years and it has been in the loft for 25 of these. I changed the bridge pickup to a seymour duncan JB as the priginal one had no output at all.
I will add some gallery pictures of the guitar when I learn how to do this.
it is nice to see a sight that is not just dedicated to American guitars and appreciates the finer japanese products.



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vantage - vantage VA 900 Empty Re: vantage VA 900

Post by corsair Tue May 10, 2011 4:15 pm

1980 - the 00 indicates a 1980 date and the next 2 will possibly indicate month e.g. 0006xx possibly June 1980. I, too, have a VA900, bought new in Melbourne Australia in 1980 and gigged pretty much constantly from then until 2 or 3 years ago when I stopped playing out.

The LED is a battery indicator and will show red when the power level drops below a certain point; I was told a long time ago that the circuitry is such that the pre-amp is run by one of the two 9V batteries, and the red light by the other so I put it to the test once when the light came on, I changed batteries over and away it went!! Odd.... Still, I stopped using the boost circuit when decent overdrive and distortion pedals became readily available in New Zealand.

Here's mine taken 4 years ago in NZ, where it still is...

vantage - vantage VA 900 VA900

vantage - vantage VA 900 EXPORT-1

Now... hop on over to here...

... and meet some people who have what is known as the Trinity - VA900, VA912 and VA900B, as well as loads more Matsumoku fans!! Laughing
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vantage - vantage VA 900 Empty Re: vantage VA 900

Post by Iceman Tue May 10, 2011 10:40 pm

Penny and the Jets?!?!

I LOVE IT!! It's got a catchy sorta' ring to it. Razz
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vantage - vantage VA 900 Empty Re: vantage VA 900

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