Friend is selling these

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Friend is selling these

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:42 pm

I can personally vouche for this guitar - it is awesome. Ben Chafin used to design for Dean guitars and I think currently is making new guitars with the Electra name - not sure if those are all custom or production.

This Volante model is very sharp looking and sounds great - has the coli taps, and has been set up by me. It's smaller than most semi's kinda like the size of an ES 339.

He is also selling an old Ibanez for those who are into Def Leppard (or a 3 HB guitar). I have never played this one, so I can't offer my opinions on it - but just trying to help a brother out eh:

Although it says local pickup only, it can be shipped. PM me if anyone is interested. Thanks.

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