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Electra (3) MPC for sale

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Electra (3) MPC for sale Empty Electra (3) MPC for sale

Post by elainelaneymiller Mon Feb 27, 2023 6:37 pm

As in my previous note regarding impending auction here

I thought you Westone lovers would like a heads up to these three guitars also !
Electra (3) MPC for sale 3febc5b7-8fbe-4fc2-8ce2-5515627e0674Electra (3) MPC for sale Cc14c396-c8dc-439e-a525-b8205a6556ebElectra (3) MPC for sale 0fe59fee-a404-495e-ac88-89159b43a5c7
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Electra (3) MPC for sale Empty Re: Electra (3) MPC for sale

Post by 1point5 Fri Mar 03, 2023 1:19 pm

Man those lefty Les Pauls sure are tempting.
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