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UBC hummbuckers

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UBC hummbuckers Empty UBC hummbuckers

Post by cousinit1 Tue Mar 09, 2021 4:53 pm

Hello. My name is Dewayne. Bought a spectrum DX from a pawn shop on Sikeston, Missouri for $75 in bad shape in 2000. Started looking into things about it and saw info on UBC hummbuckers. So I tested the pickups on it and the bridge tested at coil A 6.42 and coil B at 3.11 and neck pickup A coil 6.42 and B coil at 3.33. They have the hex nut studs with large plastic back with 4 screws with  glued tops. Are the UBC hummbuckers rare? And can you still get the push pull tone pot? Has been replaced with a large pot.

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UBC hummbuckers Empty Re: UBC hummbuckers

Post by Barry Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:30 pm

Hello Dewayne and welcome. Congratulations on getting your DX for such a good price. I too found mine for $75 but in a private sale.

The Spectrums originally came with MMK45 pickups which were modelled after DiMarzio Super Distortions and they clock in at around 11K full 5.5K split.

But they were replaced with the UBC version sometime in the mid 80's and as you've discovered, they are less than stellar by comparison. Most folks refer to them as "wimpy" sounding.

To answer your question, no, they are not rare. Quite the opposite most people swap them out for something better. You can read more about the UBC on our website: LINK

Push pull pots are available everywhere, nothing special about them.
What is special however is the Switchmaster knob on top. These are proprietary to Westone and replacements are unavailable except when they come up on eBay or occasionally, here via the membership. If your DX came with 'em, keep 'em!

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