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Pickups Replacement

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Post by Gismo1010 Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:51 am

I bought a Spectrum ST when they first came out.  I went into the shop to buy a Fender Telecaster but came out with the Westone.  It felt easier to play and was miles cheaper.  I stuck with the original pickups for years and then decided it was time to change.  I had taken off the whammy bar because I never used it and I never used the pull up pot feature that selected only one coil from the pickups.  The only other bit of maintenance I needed to do was to tighten the springs in the back of the guitar to keep the bridge flat against the guitar body.  The string tension tended to pull the bridge up making tuning a nightmare and it also raised the action.  There are big crude wood screws that tension the springs.  Since sorting the bridge the guitar stays pretty much in tune from one day to the next.  My replacement pickups of choice were the Seymour Duncan SH 1 59 Vintage Blues Set.  They fitted the guitar body with no modification.  A bit of soldering and I was away.  There is no single coil selection with these pickups so the pull up pot became doubly redundant.  As a matched pair they sound great. My other guitars may come and go but the Spectrum is a keeper.

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Post by Barry Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:52 am

Hey Gismo, nice to have you in the Westone Home for the chronically GAS infected. geek

IMO Spectrum is the one of the best designed guitars ever made so it's no wonder you love it (I have 7 of 'em so I'm well in love!)

But as you found out, depending on the year made, some models came with sub-standard pickups known as UBC's (UnBalanced Coils) a more or less failed design attempt at creating something good. Their output is very low, around 6KΩ

The original specs on this guitar called for the MMK45 pickup which is comparable to the DiMarzio Super Distortion, usually 11-14KΩ. Now that is a pickup!

How's the playing action currently, are you still experiencing problems? You should not have any issues if you lower the bridge bolts or saddles to compensate for the slightly higher bridge.

When you can, let's see some pictures of your guitar eh ?(BTW what model is it?)

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