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Pantera X750

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Pantera X750 Empty Pantera X750

Post by gandalf1961 Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:23 pm

Another spring clean item to go to someone who will appreciate it more than me.....

Pantera X750 DSCF0980
Pantera X750 DSCF0981
Pantera X750 DSCF0986
Pantera X750 DSCF0982
Pantera X750 DSCF0984
Pantera X750 DSCF0983
Pantera X750 DSCF0985
Pantera X750 DSCF0992

Looking to swap or p/ex for Prestige (probably impossible) or Pantera X300/Thunder 2 bass.

PM me with any other interesting possibles.

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