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Increase in Private Messages Limit

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Increase in Private Messages Limit Empty Increase in Private Messages Limit

Post by Barry Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:48 pm

Please note that the limit on Private Messages has now been increased as follows:
   Max posts in Inbox : from 50 to 200
   Max posts in Sentbox :from 50 to 200
   Max posts in Outbox : from 50 to 200
   Max posts in Savebox : from 50 to 200

Less pressure now to delete files to make room for new correspondence. Enjoy!

There is no change to the minimum post requirement for new members (zero).
They can continue use the PM system immediately after joining the Forum. This seems to be working well and allows them to chat with members offline in order to exchange information which is redundant or of no interest to the general membership in a normal thread post.

Please note that this is a courtesy setting and dependent on the goodwill of all. Should it become a vehicle for unsolicited contact, harassment, or SPAM, a minimum post requirement will be implemented at once.

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