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Saddle grooves

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Saddle grooves Empty Saddle grooves

Post by Dan63uk Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:39 pm


Recently acquired 1983 Thunder 1_T has a chrome strat-style bridge (now hard-tailed) with very rusty height adjustment screws with saddles that looked quite deeply grooved from wear not design.   I just happen to have in my spares stash, a newish Strat trem of identical spec. which has saddles with machined grooves (all same size and V profile) as well as some smooth saddles.

My query is - whats the forum view of grooved saddles v smooth saddles?  My inclination is to measure current setup (good intonation and action) and replace all six saddles and height screws from my stash rather than replace the whole bridge and possibly weaken fixing holes.  Any pearls of wisdom?
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