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Spectrum Series II

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For Sale Spectrum Series II

Post by Catalyst Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:16 pm

This needs to go and I just thought I'd see if any of you guys were interested before I stuck it on ebay.
Spectrum Series II P1010658_zpse86002de
Spectrum Series II P1010663_zpsbcf1d80b
missing a fine tuner...I have the whammy bar but it doesn't seem to screw in correctly, looks like I'm a grub screw missing
Spectrum Series II P1010664_zps5be27ae3
as you can see, its in pretty good order with just a few slight marks.

I was looking for £125 inc. free postage to the UK, but not really sure so if I don't hear anything I'll just let the market decide how much its worth  Cool
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