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Swaps & Freebies New Forum Added---Swaps Trades & Freebies

Post by Barry on Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:43 pm

I have added a new forum
New Forum Added---Swaps Trades & Freebies Swap210
in an effort to make it easier for folks to exchange or donate bits and pieces, odd parts, and even trade instruments.
Many times members are looking for small parts like screws, decals, saddles, etc, or they would like to exchange one of their instruments for another. At the present these kinds of requests are getting buried under the Wanted or Member Westone sections and more or less lost.

On the flip side a lot of us have "junk boxes" with odds and ends that we've accumulated and will never use. Here's a chance to move them on to someone who can use them for just the cost of postage. Your Karma will thank you!

Please note that this is distinct from the FOR SALE section. Go there if you are selling.
If you are searching for a particular Westone model please go to the WANTED section.
No cash transaction in this new section please!

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