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My Name is Kenn...

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My Name is Kenn... Empty My Name is Kenn...

Post by Kenn Gordon on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:39 am

OK My name is Kenn and I am an avid collector of all things 70's and 80's as far as Guitars and amps are concerned However my wife has told me to THIN Down My collection and I have a wall that has my favourite guitars on ok here is a stupid list if ever there was on

and it is not in any sort of order just as they come

2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio Delux (Ex Justin Hawkins of the Darkness) MINT COND with OHSC

1989 USA Fender Strat Plus Mint Cond with OHSC

2001 USA ltd Custom Gretsch White Falcon Mint Cond with OHSC tags etc

2005 Tokai Goldstar Jap Mint Cond with OHSC

1986 Westone Panters X390CB VGC

1983 Westone Thunder III with Mint Cond OHSC

1980 EKO M20 Mint Cond

2005 Hudson KKI Kurtis (made in Fujigen) VGC ltd ser 0008 of only 26 made with comfirmation from Hudson Guitar compan

1981 Westbury Standard Good Condition

1988 Yamaha APX4-12A Mint Cond

2010 Martin D45 Abalone Mint Cond with OHSC

1982 Westone Thunder 1A Near mint Cond

1986 Westone thunder IIa near Mint Cond

1986 Westone Thunder IIA Left handed Mint Cond

2005 Enigma PRS Style Mint Cond

1999 Pre Production USA Made Gretsch Grand Concer 3303 Mint Cond

1978 Aria YS300BL Mint Cond with Mint Cond HSC

1968 Aria 1532t Poor Cond

2010 Mint Cond Epiphone Les Paul Custom mint cond (Chinese <<Spits (I Know))

1989 Ibanez Artist Mint Cond

1986 Hohner Professional SG Lion Mint Cond

1986 Westone Pantera X300 poor cond

1980's Ovation Custom Mint Cond with OHSC

1988 Applause AA-10 Mint Cond with Flighht case

1981 Gibson Les Paul Sonex 180 delux Mint Cond


1971 JFD-60 VGC

1978 H|H Studio 100 2x12 Combo VGC

1976 H|H VS Musician 2x12 Combo Mint Cond

1976 H|H VS Musician Head VGC

1978 H|H IC100 Head Near Mint Cond

1986 Ross Fame Series 10 Mint Cond

1989 DOD Juice IT 60 w\eko near mint

2011 Bogner Line 6 Valve 1x12 Mint Cond

2011 Marshall Full stack MG100HDFX + staight Front and a Slope front 4x12 cabs. Mint Cond

Plus lots of other rare bits n bobs collected over the years. The Wife said either the Guitars Go or she's off and I can only keep 3 guitars and one amp which do I chose?????? and as you can see i will take serious offers on all my stuff
Kenn Gordon
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My Name is Kenn... Empty Re: My Name is Kenn...

Post by Barry on Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:34 am

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