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Changed the MMK45s out

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Changed the MMK45s out Empty Changed the MMK45s out

Post by wemfender Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:12 am

Hi All, long time since I last logged in but I thought I would offer up my recent experience, ( history ) when I first got my Thunder 1A, people on the site offered help and advise when I asked how things worked on the thunder, with that I got on very well with the guitar, but always had a bit of a dislike to the bridge pickup, it always sounded shrill and brittle, and low volume output when compaired with the great neck pickup, So after a while it was down to a guy that does some of my luthier work, he advised me that the pickup was pretty much shot , he had try to re-magnetise it etc, however I persevered, until now, ( ok, ok, I know some of you will think this as sacralige affraid ) anyway I decided to change out both pickups myself and put in ( cheap around 40 usd each) gfs alnico v 59 classics. upon fitting them I found that I had to use the old original pickup rings so as not to put any more holes into the guitar, ( easy job ) so I muddled through the wiring, ( different color coded wires, and more of them on the gfs set ) still I got to it in the end ( about an hours worth of chopping and changing ) success and everything working perfect, ( in fact better than it had before ) I soon realised that historically there must have been some work done on the electrics side of things, during my electronics workout I experienced some of the issues the guitar had previously, a weak brittle shrill bridge pickup, Knowing this could not be possible I changed a couple of wires around and bingo, the thunder roared into real life. ( with some lightening for good measure. OMG, all the things I was told previously were now true,) ( be carefull with the boost switch, you could get scalped ) I was never scalped previously even though I did get little haircut, but now, more than scalped I think I nearly had a labotomy. So from my limited experience, a honest luthier is an absolute must, and secondly make sure the electrics are correct.As for the new pups, I could not be happier, Highly recomend these, articulate, tight bottom end, strong mids, and all the controllable top end you could want, very mellow, turn the gain up and all the heavey stuff is there in abundence, very versatile. Happy I changed them ? yes . cheers
Cheers Steve.
PS I will rough draw the electric now and post them if anyone requires them, ( gfs use the same color codes as duncans )
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Changed the MMK45s out Empty Re: Changed the MMK45s out

Post by Westbone Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:32 am

Result, yes those early active gains are a blast.
GFS do some excellent stuff at reasonable prices.

Are you going to put some Thunder up on your youtube site? Give us a blast.

Happy days Smile
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Changed the MMK45s out Empty Re: Changed the MMK45s out

Post by Barry Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:21 am

Hey, sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. The GFS pups are excellent value and a good choice.
The important thing is that there is Thunder being heard again!! Changed the MMK45s out Thumb_up

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Changed the MMK45s out Empty Re: Changed the MMK45s out

Post by bobroberts Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:18 pm

People swap pickups out of Fenders, Gibsons, PRS's.. Nobody gives it a thought.. I even toyed with the idea of swapping mine - and they work perfectly..!
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Changed the MMK45s out Empty Re: Changed the MMK45s out

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