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String lock assembly for Westone Spectrum SX

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String lock assembly for Westone Spectrum SX Empty String lock assembly for Westone Spectrum SX

Post by gclubb Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:47 pm

I need the whole string lock assembly for a Spectrum SX tremolo system. (base, screws, plates, and locking screws) Is there anything out there that can be used as a substitute? There is a whole line of Kahler behind the nut string locks but nothing looks close to the Spectrum SX lock. Will it still work anyway? I would obviously still prefer the original style if anyone can help me find it.

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String lock assembly for Westone Spectrum SX Empty Re: String lock assembly for Westone Spectrum SX

Post by corsair Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:10 am

Welcome here... that's a perennial problem, eh, and the Kahler kit is as good as any. You will not find another one of the FT stringlocks anywhere new but you may find one on one of the internet auction sites, or indeed buy a munted guitar which has one.

Westone spares has the lock washers and bolts but not the base; he did at one stage do a run of the Bendmaster Deluxe stringlock bases which, from memory, sold out in a matter of days, so you can see you're not the only one with the stringlock blues!!

The only possible problem I can see with the Kahler locks is that the FT base sits very high off the surface of the headstock and you will probably have to make, or have made, a spacer to bring the lock up to the appropriate level?

Now... that's all you get for free, my friend - lets see the guitar in question!! Very Happy
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