Super Tremolo Melody-Plus no. A10T, the Teisco Suicide amp

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Super Tremolo Melody-Plus no. A10T, the Teisco Suicide amp

Post by gittarasaurus on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:49 pm

i just picked up this cool old Teisco tube amp. it is in great condition really, considering it's age.
it looks to be all original, inside and out. probably why it was not expensive. the amp works but the tremolo is weak and barely functional. the tubes are probably the originals as well. it has a 35w4 rectifier, 50EH5, and i can't read the other tube. i'm guessing it is around 3 watts output (note the speaker markings)

i wanted to post this up in case somebody has never seen one of the old tube amps referred to as "Suicide" amps.

looking on the inside of the amp you can see the line voltage (black wire) goes to the ON switch on the back of the volume pot and then to a fuse, then right into the signal circuit. which ends up with LINE VOLTAGE in the signal circuit, which means that the strings on the guitar are connected to LINE VOLTAGE!!! in the wrong situation, that could end up with a serious electrical shock and even death. no joking! having spent 30+ years as an electrician, i take that very seriously.
take a look: (the transformer you can see is the output transformer, for the speaker)

the amp sounds pretty good right now, but i have a few of modifications to do, to bring it up to modern safety standards. among other things, i will add a 3-prong power cord, an isolation transformer to separate the line voltage from the signal path and massively reduce the risk of electrical shock to the user. (the iso transformer costs about $20)
if you ever come across an amp set up like this, you absolutely MUST get it upgraded, or don't use it. it could save your life.
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Re: Super Tremolo Melody-Plus no. A10T, the Teisco Suicide amp

Post by grogg on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:13 pm

As ever gittarasaurus you are abolutely spot on. These old amps can very easily be lethal and must be checked out/modified prior to use. Amazing yours doesnt have a mains transformer, even with one they can be deadly given the voltages the tubes run at.

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