Clipper CL4112 for spares or repairs

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Clipper CL4112 for spares or repairs

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:12 pm

Hello chaps, Smile

Some of you may have already seen in a previous post that I will be parting out my Clipper CL4112 either as a fully loaded project body or for spares. I have decided to let this go now (minus the knobs) as I desperately need the funds to pay for the new one that John (Corsair) kindly got for me recently. Rather than list it on eBay, I thought that I would give anyone here first refusal on it. I will also be selling the machine heads (6 in line) and the locking nut.

The guitar is fully functional except that it is minus a neck! It sports the rather unusual TRS101 bridge as opposed to the Bendmaster or Bendmaster Deluxe but I'm assuming that it is more or less the same. The pickups on this guitar are really powerful and produce a fantastic range of sounds.

If anyone is interested in this either as a whole thing or for parts, (I would prefer that it went as a complete thing though, and preferably to someone here who I know will appreciate it), please get in touch with me ASAP otherwise it will be going on eBay.

Thanks chaps,

:flower: :queen:

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