I nearly had a Rainbow 1.....nearly!

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I nearly had a Rainbow 1.....nearly!

Post by DuoFuzz on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:54 am

Just been with my bro' to a local guitar show in nearby Gateshead, and this year and with no job and no GAS tokens I was hoping not to bump into anything to tempt me.

Sods law I walked straight into some Uncle Mats, and the first one I found was a 1981 Walnut coloured Rainbow 1 for 250!!! I began to mumble trying to work out if it was possible to make myself more broke than I am already, and I'm pretty sure my wallet began to smoulder!

We decided to walk around and work out how to scrape the money together ("sell some guitars?, FX pedals?, kidneys!...erm, no thanks") before having a second look at the Westone. Once I regained some composure and had a proper look at it I found a serious problem with it, in the horns either side of the neck joint were some 1-2mm splits between the sides and the rear binding.

It looked like the neck had been forced backward and popped the glue around the neck joint, I wasn't sure if anything else like the fretboard had gotten damaged or how involved the repair might be, so I decided to walk away from it. Crying or Very sad

I'm still a bit gutted I left it but I feel I might have dodged a bullet with that one in the long run, shame. Sad

I also got a bit giddy over a Mats made Vox Standard 24 guitar, looking like a Thunder 1 with a set neck, the seller wanted 185 for it. The same seller had a Matsumoku era cherry red Epiphone semi for 195!!!

Bugger it all, I thought better of it and walked away with what's left of my savings. There's always next year! Very Happy

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Re: I nearly had a Rainbow 1.....nearly!

Post by corsair on Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:12 pm

You showed some willpower there, man; well done! (I think!!)

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Re: I nearly had a Rainbow 1.....nearly!

Post by Barry on Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:57 pm

Again, I feel your pain Dan.
I'm still looking for some work as well. It's pretty much a losing cause, and hard to stay positive. There are so many chasing so few openings. And everyone wants the experience I bring but they want to pay me like a 20 year old just starting out. It sux to be "old" on top of a recession.

It really hurts most when you want to indulge your guitar passion from time to time. Hard to justify another one though when the electric bill needs paying. Still, I manage to squeeze one in the door now and then, even if it is a bit of beater.
See if you can do the same matey.

It's not like we're crack addicts or anything vile.

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Re: I nearly had a Rainbow 1.....nearly!

Post by munkieNL on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:06 am

I -thought- i had a deal with a guy here in Holland for a Rainbow 1. The next day he mails me that he sold the guitar to someone else Had to let go a white Prestige with tremolo (117?), no money Life sucks doesn't it?
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Re: I nearly had a Rainbow 1.....nearly!

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