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ST owners.....

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ST owners..... Empty ST owners.....

Post by corsair Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:49 am

Hiya gang - 12 days to go and counting....
Right-o, chaps, a question. This is for the ST owners and players out there.... Barry!! I've just got mine back from my nephew in Christchurch and am enjoying playing it lots; however, I notice that the wang bar enters the bridge hole at an angle, ie not at 90º; Barry, is yours like that? Mine is as mint as these guitars get, with only a few finish cracks visible in the polyester; everything else is in beautiful nick.
This guitar has travelled around NZ, by crikey... I took possession of it in South Otago, nephew took it to Christchurch, another nephew bought it up to Auckland, so that I can take it home to Gisborne to be packed up and moved down to Dunedin to be stored with all my other guitars!!

ST owners..... Untitled-1 you fellas wanna see it??
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ST owners..... Empty Re: ST owners.....

Post by Barry Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:33 am

corsair wrote:...I notice that the wang bar enters the bridge hole at an angle, ie not at 90º; Barry, is yours like that?...
My first response to that question was, "Of course not, daft begger."
Um, then I got off my Christmas arse and had a look. And, yup, it is indeed angled backwards, maybe 15 degrees or so, as I eyeball it. Sheesh, never even registered with me until you asked...and I'm the original owner! ST owners..... Icon_rolleyes you fellas wanna see it??
Well, duh! ST owners..... Fresse

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