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Pantera X750 Bass Uk Ebay

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BASS - Pantera X750 Bass Uk Ebay Empty Pantera X750 Bass Uk Ebay

Post by Meadows Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:03 am

Here is the link

Maybe missing a trick by not putting Westone or the model number in the ad title.

Long story short, this bass was first advertised a few weeks ago for £135, I contacted the seller and secured a purchase price of £150 and was due to collect, cash in hand. The partner then text me to say it was sold too cheaply and he wanted £600 or there about for the bass. After several text exchanges he said he would take £300 cash.

Only mentioning this because there is obviously room for maneuver in the price and a telephone number.

Good luck if your interested Smile
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