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Use Caution If Using

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Use Caution If Using Empty Use Caution If Using

Post by Barry on Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:23 am

Images hosted on which is attached to this Forum are not endorsed by your Administrators.

Our site is hosted for free by Forumotion but it comes with other "strings" and nuisances attached: unwanted hyperlinks to advertising based on key words in posts is one, and a menu option linking to Servimg image hosting is another. Unfortunately, it is part of the Forum's software and cannot be disabled.

Recently, one of our members contacted me to say that he was receiving error messages concerning a video player that was supposedly embedded in his browser and that he needed to "upgrade" it. The mystery player was not identified in the message nor did he have one attached to his browser. He had repeatedly received this intrusion when attempting to retrieve his images.

Just now I clicked on a Servimg link posted by a new member, and I too received the same message. Folks this is SPAM at the very least, and possibly a browser hijack attempt. Servimg probably receives a click-thru payment from the makers of the video player. In my opinion it is an underhanded practice and should not be supported. There are more legitimate and up front ways to advertise and promote products.

We will continue to recommend alternate image hosting sites such as Photobucket which allows you to simply cut and paste the URL into your post, along with several options. You then have total control without fear of being hijacked and lied to!

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