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Minor Change to Westone Name in Title

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Minor Change to Westone Name in Title Empty Minor Change to Westone Name in Title

Post by Barry Mon May 05, 2014 12:05 pm

You may have noticed that I have altered the title of the Forum slightly. "Westone" is now in double spacing, with dots at the front and rear of the word.

The reason was to avoid the annoying insertion of unwanted hyperlinks to irrelevant products, which has been thrust on us by the free host providers of this site. Unfortunately, the brand Westone is now associated with a line of hearing aid products!

The Viglink software they use searches for probable matches and inserts a hyperlink whether it's relevant or not, or wanted or not. We have no say in it. Have a read here for a previous discussion thread: Westone Wonderfulness & Viglink

By changing the Westone name slightly, I was able to remove this stupid link from Viglink's evil clutches. The dots were necessary in order to add a second space away from the other words (the site will not accept 2 consecutive spaces) On the whole, I think it displays a bit more prominently, particularly on email alerts. Altogether not a bad thing.


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