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Thunder 1A bass wiring problem.

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wiring - Thunder 1A bass wiring problem. Empty Thunder 1A bass wiring problem.

Post by Clive Shakedown Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:24 pm

Hello people.

I am rejuvenating an old battered bass, I have followed the wiring diagrams on this site,
I also have another thunder 1A to compare it with, and I have a small problem.

The tone and volume pots seem to work ,but the volume from the pick ups
is very very low, you can do the "screwdriver on the pole pieces" test but only with the amp cranked right up!

Please Sir, what am I doing wrong??

Edit. I don't use the active circuits, or the dual tone switch (whatever that does)

so I would be quite happy to wire the bass just using the pick ups and the tone and volume (if this would be easier?)


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