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Wanted: Prestige 250 bridge saddle screw

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prestige - Wanted: Prestige 250 bridge saddle screw Empty Wanted: Prestige 250 bridge saddle screw

Post by supercharger Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:54 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm the proud new owner of a Prestige 250 which I bought just yesterday.
The guitar hadn't been played for some time and the strings were very corroded.

Anyway... I removed the bridge and tail-piece in order to give the top a good clean. There was a 'ping' and one of the saddles fell out of the bridge and the spring, well, sprung! Luckily the spring and saddle were quickly rounded up Very Happy 

I looked very hard for the missing saddle screw but couldn't find it.  It eventually occurred to me that if it was originally in place the saddle and spring wouldn't have come out (assuming the screw thread was engaged with the saddle thread).  So maybe it wasn't there when I bought the guitar.

For a very quick fix I found a cap head M3 x 20 screw which looks awful but works fine for now.

I've just taken the dimensions of one of the original screws and will try and modify a replacement slotted screw so that it looks and fits better.

Anyway..... Could anyone tell me if it is possible to get a brass replacement screw of the correct dimensions?  It won't be the end of the world if this isn't possible but I'm sure this will bug me as apart from this the guitar is 100% original!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Best regards,
Westone Nut

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