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Westone distribution (during production years)

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Westone distribution (during production years) Empty Westone distribution (during production years)

Post by drsyn67 Thu May 23, 2013 11:06 pm

Does anyone know how widely distributed the Westone brand was in the United States? I have seen the ads on the Westone Info site claiming "The UK's #1 selling guitar brand" (typical ad fluff), but I have never read any details indicating where the majority of these guitars were sold. I am very curious if the brand was sold only in certain stores or regions, or if any given guitar store in 1984 coulda/woulda/shoulda had a Dynasty on the wall.

One of the Spectrums that purchased recently came with an odd-shaped case featuring a faux-alligator exterior and included shipping tags from the UK. I've seen the same case for sale with other Matt guitars, specifically Spectrums and some Arias (I can post a photo, if anyone is curious).

I know that the Electra brand was sold here in North Florida at a guitar store... I have had an email exchange with someone locally who sold them in two small shops here in the 1970s... his comment (regarding Electras) was as follows:

"Frankly, the earlier Electras (like the MPC’s, etc) were dogs…LOL!!! We hated those guitars, but SLM gave Marvin and Richard (store owners) unreal deals that they couldn’t turn down. The second generation of Electra’s were built much better than their earlier guitars and are still better than any of the MIM Fenders I’ve run across over the years."
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Westone distribution (during production years) Empty Re: Westone distribution (during production years)

Post by corsair Fri May 24, 2013 12:32 am

I'm pretty sure that Electra were limited in distribution to the CONUS; I've certainly only ever seen a couple for sale outside the US.

Westone, I don't think, weren't marketed as heavily in Australasia as were APII and Vantage; I think I only ever saw 2 Westones being played on the band circuits I was on in NZ, and one of those was the Spectrum ST Bass played by a friend of mine, the other - from (an unreliable) memory, was a Spectrum as well. I've not yet seen a Thunder of any kind down here; I'm not saying they're not about, just that I've not seen any!
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