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Matsumoku Magnet Types and the Meaning of "MMK"

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Matsumoku Magnet Types and the Meaning of "MMK" Empty Matsumoku Magnet Types and the Meaning of "MMK"

Post by Barry Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:21 pm

What Does MMK Mean?
The majority of pickups found during the Mats period of production are etched with MMK on the bottom and accompanied by the model number stamped in black ink inside a rectangle, e.g. 45, 53, 61...

MMK = Matsu Moku Kogyo, primarily made by Maxon Japan.
A STICKY in our TECHNICAL Forum discusses this in more detail.

Matsumoku Magnet Types & Specs
Two of our pals over at the Matsumoku Forum, Mozart and GDK9, gathered some technical info on the pickups used in the Vantage line of guitars.
Read about it HERE

What the MMK Numbers Really Mean
Even more information about Uncle Mats' pickups. The marketing and reference of these at times gets confusing. This long but interesting thread helps sort out he confusion HERE

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