westone.info spares etc

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westone.info spares etc

Post by MarkW on Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:58 am

Does anyone know who was behind the westone.info site, and if they frequent this forum?

As I mentioned in another post, I have only recently acquired an ST
which I am doing up, only to find out to find the spare parts section
of the info site had recently closed down.
I got quite excited when I saw some of the spares that were available, but it seems I was just a bit too late to snap some up.

Is there any way of hunting these bits and pieces down? I need 1 saddle for the Spectrum ST. Corsair kindly offered a spare of his, but I fear that it is just as siezed as mine.

The other bits I'm looking for are 2 x machine head covers .. those little metal discs with the 'W' on 'em. Purely cosmetic, but it'd be nice to have them all the same.

Cheers folks

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Re: westone.info spares etc

Post by corsair on Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:21 am

Yep, he was, and still is!, the guru on Westones! He may frequent this forum but wants to keep his anonymity at this point because running the other info site, the forums and the spares was eating into any personal time he had so he pulled the plug, quite rightly IMHO! One of the other reasons for the spares closing up was that when he floated the idea to the forum, everyone was heavily in favour but when he went ahead and had parts made(!), the support did not really convert to orders in any meaningful way! There's a lesson in there somewhere....

The only way to get spare Westone bits at the moment is to buy a guitar on the 'bay and part it out, which is an awful waste of a guitar really!! I'll PM you with something re. saddle and as for the m/h covers, well, you could try and either make some, or get someone to make some?! Smile

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