Westone "Black Beauty" Replica

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Westone "Black Beauty" Replica

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:23 pm

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all!
The name's sean, from Ireland and I've recently purchesed a Westone replica...
It's a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty replica.
Now I honestly know nearly nothing about guitars, I'm a drummer who picked up bass at the start of the year and just bought the guitar a while ago.
Now, I've only even more recently discovered that the guitar's a Westone! (I was curious about the logo and looked up guitar manufacturers starting with "W"on wikipedia)

So, I'm wondering now, how old is the guitar. I can't find a serial on it at all...
I'll post some pics soon, but 'till then has anyone got anyone ideas?

Thanks guys!


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Re: Westone "Black Beauty" Replica

Post by corsair on Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:33 pm

G'day, Sean - what you probably have is a nineties Westone. These are not Matsumoku made, ie made in Japan but made in China, I believe as were all of the straight "big name" copies bearing the name Westone.
The Matsumoku Westones were original designs - have a browse through here - that many of us in here are actively seeking; there were some great guitars made in Japan in the eighties by Matsumoku - Aria Pro II, Vantage, Electra and Westone - and whilst the value of these is slowly escalating, the likes of Spectrums can still be bought for quite reasonable money and in good nick, will blow your socks off with the sound and build quality!
Yep, pix will help with any ID issues, thanks!!

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