Spectrum LX (X695) Restoration Report

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Spectrum LX (X695) Restoration Report

Post by DrSteve on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:30 pm

Hi all.  Writing a quick note of restoration work on a 1984 X695.  Bird logo, Electra-Westone, split P and J rather than the larger pickup housings which I guess came later.

This instrument suffered at one point from both luthier malpractice (unprotected routing marred the top finish during a pickup upgrade -- see my other post, I don't wanna talk about it) and lack of care by someone I loaned it to (the lower "point" on the headstock tip seems to have been dragged along concrete).

I used the following to clean it up, and as soon as the CA drop-fill dries on the back (chip in the neck heel near the neckplate) I will post pics.

[  ]  2000-grit sandpaper, strips and stamp-sized pieces for wet sanding
[  ]  Stewart-McDonald Fine liquid polish (I bought Medium too, didn't use it)
[  ]  Stewart-McDonald 3" foam polishing pads (the ones that fit on a drill)
[  ]  Stewart-McDonald black tinted super glue (includes whip tips but I bought some of those too)
[  ]  Drill
[  ]  Dremel and fine sanding bit
[  ]  Minwax Polyshades Classic Black Satin paint
[  ]  1cm detail brush (synthetic)
[  ]  Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Spray Wax

Removed knobs and strings.  Oiled the fingerboard.  Working in sections, masking as I went, wet-sanded mars/scratches (none had gone all the way to the wood).  Cleaned, inspected, then followed up with the 3" polishing pad and polish.  It was hard to get between the knobs and the tap switches so in retrospect I should have either taken all the electronics and controls out first, or bought one or two of the 1" foam polishing pads as well.  I actually ended up cutting down one of the 3" pads to 1", after I'd pretty well used it up, to get between knobs and switches.

The Meguiar's was for any remaining hazing I couldn't get out with the polish or via finger-polishing.

I sanded the rough scratch in the corner of the headstock smooth with the Dremel, cleaned with a dust-free cloth and followed up with the Polyshades using the detail brush.  I am absolutely *astonished* at how it finished (so well, in fact, that it's almost the reason for this post).  Apart from a slight taper in the corner (front to back, the cross-sectional shape now changes slightly) I don't think one will be able to notice it.

Finally comes the drop-fill repair to the chip in the back near the neck plate.  I used a whip-tip and the black CA to fill in; it's a little past level but I will wet-sand that in a couple of days when I am absolutely sure it's dry and cured.  Since it's in the satin graphic strip I should be able to leave it wet-sanded and not have to follow up.  

In the meantime I can't flip it over for pictures... but I will post "afters" as soon as I can.
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Re: Spectrum LX (X695) Restoration Report

Post by Barry on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:42 pm

The Doctor is "In"!
Thanks for the thorough write up. Looks like you've done everything right (and likely a heck of a lot better than many, moi included).
Looking forward to the pix!

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