Viva Las Vegas

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Viva Las Vegas

Post by Meadows on Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:57 pm

Hey Guys

Looking to tap the knowledge and experience pool here if I may.

Courtesy of Mrs Meadows singing in a show in Las Vegas shortly, this will be our first visit to the strip and I will have a fair amount of time to kill while she is in rehearsals. I wonder if anyone knows of any good guitar shops worth a visit, primarily for second hand models (not normally seen in the UK). Hoping to find a decent bolt on maybe that I can disassemble and bring back to the UK (in the suitcase).

Also looking for any decent low key venues a bit off the main drag you may know of, to catch some decent blues, funk/jazz or soul. Would love to get a chance to join in for a couple of tunes if the vibe was right.... Cool

Many thanks in advance as always clown
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