In the presence of Media Royalty

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In the presence of Media Royalty

Post by Meadows on Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:41 pm

Ok, a slight exaggeration there but in short I played a private function last night, totally unaware of the line up prior to arriving. There was an ex prog rock front man who played a slot and then for me the first treat, Adrian Nation who has got down to the last 16 on the Sky TV show "Guitar Star" An amazing guitar craftsman blessed with an seeming less innate freedom as he manoeuvres the fretboard, nice bloke too.

Then came along, Simon McBride, voted young guitarist of the year when he was 15 (I think) who brought in his 3 piece from Ireland. Someone just turned the temperature up, my god, this guy could play but it was melody all the way, not just notes for the sake of it or to impress and he was also so modest about his skill sett.

Three of the little treats he played down very much in his own style were, The Pump (Jeff Beck), Custard Pie (Led Zepp) and the amazing Little Wing almost akin to the early Robin Trower Live album version.

Why this post?, just to big up these guys really and share their passion. If you ever get a chance to check them out in the flesh, I think as players they will inspire and excite you and if nothing else put a smile on your face....
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